Starting Your Business

BC Starting a Business Guide: This guide will introduce you to some of the essential things you need to know about starting a small business.

Business Plan Samples: Review this sample business plan created by BDC or visit to review other samples.

Futurpreneur Canada Business Plan Writer: Utilize this interactive program to help you compose your business plan

Business Plan Template for Microsoft Office: Download this template to create a business plan in Microsoft Word

Financial Templates: These templates can help you with balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows for your business. Courtesy of Charlotte Culver, Program Head-Business Management Diploma, British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Find a BBOT member to help with your accounting & setting up your finances: Let a BBOT member business help you with setting up your finances.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) resources for businesses: Visit this site for important information and resources for businesses from the CRA

Naming & Registering your Business: A key first step in starting a business is to determine a legal structure for your business, research a name, and register your business with the appropriate government registries.