Welcome to the REGISTER section of the BBOT’s Business Resource Guide.

The below are resource, tools, information, and contacts to help you REGISTER your new business with the right government bodies and agencies.

There are requirements for businesses to register with municipal, provincial and sometimes federal governments. This section will outline the various registrations, permits, and documentation needed to ensure your business is operated legally, and does not experience any additional costs or delays.

  • Name Approvals, Business Registrations and other Corporate Registry Services
    • Business Name Approval 
      The first step in starting a new business is applying for a business name. The Name Approval process determines whether the name you are intending to do business under is both appropriate and available.  This step is applicable regardless of business structure.
    • Business Registration
      Once you have a business name approval, you have 56 days to register with the provincial government that you will do business under that name.  This link will connect you with BBOT Business Registry Services support which can register a sole proprietor ship or partnership on your behalf. 
  • Incorporation 
    • Incorporate Provincially (BC)
      If you wish your business to be a corporation in BC, you need to create articles of incorporation, an incorporation agreement, and to file an incorporation application with the Province of BC.  This link will provide you with information on all of these steps so you can carry out business as a corporation in BC.
    • Incorporate Federally (Canada)
      If you want to incorporate your business federally across Canada, it is a 5-step process. This link will explain how to incorporate federally so you can carry out business across the country more easily. 
    • Consult a Lawyer from the Burnaby Board of Trade membership
      BBOT member lawyers are capable of helping you assess with incorporations. Mention that you are a BBOT referral when contacting these helpful businesses.
  • GST/PST Numbers
    • GST Number Application
      Most businesses will need to register for a GST number to be able to collect and remit the Goods & Services Tax levied by the Government of Canada. The above link provides information on who needs to register and how to do so.  This is a useful article explains how GST works in Canada. 
    • PST Number Application 
      Similarly, many businesses will need to register for a PST number to be able to collect and remit the Provincial Sales Tax which is levied by the Province of British Columbia. The above government site provides the information on this. 
  • Business Number
    • Business Number Application from CRA
      The business number is a nine-digit number that gives businesses its own unique identifier and is becoming the standard identifier for all federal business programs. You will get a business number automatically if you apply for GST account, payroll deductions program, or you can apply online or by mail. 
  • Permits and Licences 
    • BizPal – Business Licence System
      Bizpal streamlines and simplifies the licence and permit process for businesses by compiling everything you may need to complete in one place.
    • City of Burnaby Business Licence
      A Burnaby business licence will determine if you are allowed to carry out the business you wish within Burnaby at the location you are planning, or if there are any restrictions on your potential activities.  All businesses and non-profits are required to have a licence. 
    • City of Burnaby Permits
      Your business may require a permit to operate. The above link outlines the various permits required for building, installing signs, cutting trees, installing heating, gas, or plumbing systems, or for other items.

      • Building Permit All new buildings, additions, or improvements to commercial buildings will require a permit and this site has all the key information you will need to know.
      • New Business Guide This guide provides information information on permits and approvals required by the
        Planning and Building Department prior to operating a business.
      • Building Permits and Inspections GuideThis guide provides information on the City’s Building Permit and Inspection process.