Welcome to the PREPARE section of the BBOT’s Business Resource Guide.

The below are resource, tools, information, and contacts to help you PREPARE and plan for starting a business, including Business Plans and Business Structures.

Fail to plan and you’re planning to fail. Preparation and planning is key to business success.  How will your business work? Who are your target customers? Consider these important questions before striking out on your own.  A well-thought out business plan is not only a requirement for many loans and funding programs, but it is a crucial piece of forethought and preparation.

How your business is legally structured will impact how business for years into the future. There are four types of business structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and co-operative. Consider how you will legally create your company before you get too far along the process.

Education and Training

    Learn software, creative and business skills with online training tutorials. Includes more than 6,000 courses on software programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop and Premier, plus courses on career improvement, productivity, marketing and more. also includes tutorials on social media and web publishing tools like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.   These tutorials are free provided you have a Burnaby Public Library card—-click here to sign up for one. 
  • Universities and Colleges
    Various local universities and colleges provide training, courses, and professional development in key business skillsets.  Find a BBOT member institution to assist you with formal training and education. 

Business Plans

  • What is a business plan?
    A business plan is a roadmap for your business.  It should consist of: executive summary, business overview, your products/services, industry/sector overview, marketing strategy, operations plan, and a financial plan. 
  • BDC’s Business Plan Kit
    A top notch kit containing a blank business plan template, an example business plan, instructions and how-to’s.
  • Futurepreneur’s Business Plan Writer
    This interactive business plan writing tool will allow you to customize your plan, as well as access tips & tricks and plenty of examples to guide you as you write.
  • Business Plan Handbook by Gale
    Full text of Gale’s 21-volume Business Plans Handbook. Includes sample business plans for manufacturing, retail and service industries in North America. This is free to access online with a Burnaby Public Library card.  Click here to sign up. 
  • Sample Business Plans by Sector/Business Type 
    Over 500 sample business plans for real businesses, organized by sector. Includes restaurants, retail, medical/health, and business services.
  • Financial Templates:
    These templates can help you with balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows for your business. Courtesy of Charlotte Culver, Program Head-Business Management Diploma, British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Business Legal Structure