Welcome to the FINANCE section of the BBOT’s Business Resource Guide.

The below are resource, tools, information, and contacts to help you FINANCE your new business through loans, grants and other sources of investment.

Starting a business takes money for leasing space, buying inventory, hiring staff, and many other things.  Most often, business owners and entrepreneurs will invest their own capital, plus money from family and friends. When that is not sufficient, the below resources can assist with further financing.

  • Government Funding Opportunities and Initiatives
    • Innovation Canada Funding Wizard
      This useful online tool will identify various funding options for your business based on information you provide to the interactive system. 
    • Government of Canada Concierge System 
      The concierge system makes it easy for entrepreneurs to find funding by connecting them to funding programs like loans, tax credits, government grants and other options.
    • Canada Business Network Funding Database
      This site provides access to a large list of different types of funding programs from various government bodies and agencies. 
    • Innovate BC – Funding Sources
      This site lists funding sources from government grants and subsidies, to angel investment, for companies in the technology sector or those implementing new technologies. 
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
    • BDC is a government business development bank and the only financial institution devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs. BDC is mandated to help create and develop strong Canadian businesses through financing, advisory services and capital, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Connections to Burnaby Board of Trade member Financial Institutions
    • These financial institutions are engaged members of the business community, members of the Burnaby Board of Trade, and able to help new businesses and entrepreneurs with financing.  Mention that you are a BBOT referral when contacting them for superior service.
  • Connections to Burnaby Board of Trade member Accountants and Bookkeepers 
    • These accountants and bookkeepers are all members of the Burnaby Board of Trade, showing their commitment to the community. They are good resources for new businesses in regards to various financial and accounting matters.  Mention that you are a BBOT referral when contacting them to receive any special service or offers.