Business Document Services at the BBOT

The Burnaby Board of Trade is happy to provide select Business Document Services through the BC Corporate Registry for use by local businesses in procurement and bids, financing applications, small claims courts, and other official purposes.

The Burnaby Board of Trade is a partner office of the BC Corporate Registry and is able to access information and generate documents for businesses including:

  • Corporate Summary
    This document shows the information the government has registered about a corporation, such as its incorporation number and date, its list of directors, and its legal status (whether it is in receivership or liquidation).
  • Certificate of Good Standing
    This document shows whether a business is up-to-date with its required filings with the BC Government. This is available for BC and Extraprovincial corporations (except for those in Alberta and Saskatchewan)
  • Miscellaneous Other Corporate Records
    These include various corporate records which can be searched and provided as documents, including Annual Reports, Certificates of Incorporation, Incorporation Applications, Statement of Registration, Firm Summary, Certificates of Registration

Click here for more information on the BBOT’s Corporate Registry Services, or contact our office at or 604-412-0100