Burnaby RCMP Anti-Crime Poster Campaign

With many businesses being closed during the COVID-19 crisis, the Burnaby RCMP  have increased dedicated additional officers from their Community Response and Prolific Offender Suppression Teams to patrol commercial areas where empty businesses could be targeted.

The RCMP has also launched a poster campaign to help deter any potential crime which may occur while businesses are closed.

If you see any suspicious behaviour such as individuals looking into windows of closed stores, or trying to open doors please immediately contact police. In addition, business owners are asked to ensure the following has been done at their premises:

  • All windows are clear of merchandise
    • No cash is left on site
    • Good locks are securing all doors and windows
    • Alarms are armed and security cameras are in good working order
    • Lights on the exterior of the business are working
  • Download poster here.

Download poster here.