BC voters will elect a new provincial government on May 9th.

This page will provide you with key information about the candidates in Burnaby’s four ridings and their platforms.

Be sure to attend the Burnaby Board of Trade’s unique all-party, all-riding candidate meet and greet event on April 24th. Click here for more details.

BC Provincial Election: May 9

For more information on who is eligible to vote, and how and where to cast your ballot, visit Elections BC’s 2017 Provincial Election site.

Click here for Elections BC’s 2017 Voters Guide

Candidates:   (Click here to find out your riding.)

Burnaby-Deer Lake riding:

Graham Bowers (BC Conservative Party)

Elias Ishak (Independent)

Anne Kang (BC NDP)

Rick McGowan (BC Green Party)

Karen Wang (BC Liberals)


Burnaby-Edmonds riding:

Raj Chouhan (BC NDP)

Valentine Wu (BC Green Party)

Garrison Duke (BC Liberals)


Burnaby-Lougheed riding:

Katrina Chen (BC NDP)

Steve Darling (BC Liberals)

Sylvia Gung (Independent)

Joe Keithley (BC Green Party)

Neeraj Murarka (BC Libertarian Party)


Burnaby North riding:

Peter Hallschmid (BC Green Party)

Richard T. Lee (BC Liberals)

Janet Routledge (BC NDP)