BC Recovery Benefit


The BC Recovery Benefit  is a one-time direct deposit payment for eligible families, single parents or individuals. Benefit eligibility is based on net income from your 2019 tax return. You must apply to receive the benefit. Applications open December 18, 2020 and closed July 1, 2021.

The Benefit:

  • Families and Single Parents
    • The benefit is $1,000 for eligible families and single parents with a net income of up to $125,000
    • For those with incomes up to $175,000, a reduced benefit is available.  No benefit is available for families or single parents with incomes over $175,000
  • Individuals
    • The benefit is $500 for eligible individuals with a net income of up to $62,500
    • For individuals with incomes up to $87,500 there is a reduced benefit.  There is no benefit for individuals with incomes over $87,500

The Eligibility:

Generally, the benefit is available to people:

The benefit will only be issued by direct deposit. You must have an account with a Canadian financial institution to receive the benefit.


  • Starting December 18, British Columbians can apply online here.  Phone applications will begin on December 21.