BBOT Member Sungiven Foods Marks Out Ambitious Lower Mainland Expansion

Check out this great article by the Burnaby NOW on BBOT member Sungiven Foods and their coming new store in the Burnaby Heights, the first step in a Lower Mainland expansion for this grocery store company.

“We know it is not just what you buy that matters, but who you buy it from,” says Sungiven Foods co-founder Kathy Su. “Our goal is to become the friendly family-orientated grocery store for people across the Lower Mainland. That is why instead of opening a big box store, we are building locations across Metro Vancouver so that we can be a part of the communities that we are serving.

“We have spent a lot of time in Vancouver and have always been inspired by the city’s approach to food. High-quality, healthy, all-natural ingredients are prized on the West Coast and we decided to incorporate that philosophy into our stores. Now we are looking forward to sharing our community-driven Asian grocery store concept with the people and places that helped to inspire it.”

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