BBOT Issues Road Pricing Report Ahead of Expected Translink Review

Translink is currently undergoing a review of mobility pricing—or road pricing—to determine how it could be implemented in the region.  The Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) identified a road pricing system as having potentially significant impacts on our regional transportation system and economy—and on our BBOT members—and therefore has engaged with Translink on this issue throughout the past year.

Earlier this year, the BBOT’s Board of Directors launched a Mobility Pricing Task Force to review this issue on behalf of the BBOT and its membership. The BBOT’s Mobility Pricing Task Force consisted of BBOT members from a variety of sectors and organizations who met several times to review materials from the Translink mobility pricing commission, hear from guest speakers, and consider the potential impacts and opportunities of various forms of mobility pricing.

Our Mobility Pricing Task Force has now issued Road Pricing in Metro Vancouver, a policy bulletin outlining the issue of road pricing and identifying 7 fundamental principles which should underpin any  future consideration and possible implementation of road pricing in Metro Vancouver.

Click here to read the BBOT’s Road Pricing in Metro Vancouver policy bulletin, or scroll down and read below.

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