BBOT conducts new research on sustainable workplace issues

Every several years, the Burnaby Board of Trade’s Social Development Committee surveys its members and asks them what social issues are pressing and important to them. Once these issues have been identified, the BBOT addresses these concerns through its mandate to improve business through education, advocacy, and engagement. The last survey conducted indicated a concern for work-life balance of employees and the effects it has on business productivity. In light of these concerns, the BBOT collected data from our members with the intent of developing a plan for the BBOT to engage and educate Burnaby businesses on the costs and benefits of flexible and family-friendly practices. Click here to read more about our study and find resources and toolkits to help reduce costs to your organization by decreasing employee absenteeism and turnover as well as helping employees achieve better work-life balance.

Attend our event, Work-Life Balance Strategies for Employers: A Cost or Benefit? on August 20th, 2014. The Burnaby Board of Trade will be hosting a panel event to discuss the costs and benefits to businesses implementing work-life balance strategies for their employees. Hear from a panel representing various aspects of the issue and engage in a discussion on the changing nature of the modern workplace. Click here for details.