The Pacific Gateway Committee

The Pacific Gateway Committee facilitates connections between the Burnaby business community and industries in the Asia/Pacific region, and pursues opportunities to create a more ethnically integrated business community. The Committee further identifies priority issues relating to trade, investment, education, and cultural exchanges between the Burnaby Board of Trade, the business community and the Asia Pacific region.

Vivian Yuen (Chair), Electronic Arts Canada
Olivia Yeung, HSBC Bank Canada
Lotus Chung, Sutton Centre Realty
Garth Evans, Barbeau, Evans & Goldstein
Richard T. Lee, MLA Burnaby North
Mike Prodanovic, Heights Financial
Carmelita Tapia, Southeast Asia Canada Business Council
Phebe Chan, Phebe Chan Law Corporation
William Tsai, Maple Overseas Cultural Foundation 
Joy Jin, Hayday Science and Technology Consulting Company
David Wong, DK Wong & Associates
Aaron Fourt, City of Burnaby
Harjeet Mand, Scotiabank 
Richard Cheng, Bank of China
Paul Holden, Burnaby Board of Trade
Cory Redekop, Burnaby Board of Trade

Committee Updates – January 2016

Planning continues for the BBOT’s Lunar New Year celebration at the Fortune House Seafood Restaurant, which will take place on February 18th. The emcees this year will be Vivian Yuen and Aaron Fourt. One of two (or possibly three) entertainment acts have been confirmed.

The next High Tea Dim Sum event is scheduled for January 28th, and will focus on the topic of immigration. The topic, which was very popular last year, will be presented again by Vivian Yuen and Phebe Chan.

In continued discussions around 2106 initiatives, it has been proposed that the PGC will engage in some way with the upcoming World Junior Taekwondo Championships being hosted in Burnaby.

A number of PGC representatives attended a special presentation on China’s new 5 year plan—delivered in only a handful of North American cities.