Social Development Committee

The Social Development Committee assists and supports the Burnaby Board of Trade to foster social responsibility, increase awareness and understand community issues for the benefit of the Board of Trade membership. The Committee further engages in advocating for social issues, identifying priorities, and promoting dialogue between the BBOT, its members, governments and community agencies. Currently, work is being done in a number of areas, including Healthy Workplaces and New Canadian Workplace Integration.

Michel Pouliot, Burnaby Family Life
Leza Muir, (Chair), Pacific Blue Cross
Raj Sharma, BC Hydro
Kathryn Fitzgerald, Vancity
Margaret Manifold, City of Burnaby
Cheryl Becir, Arbutus Grove Projects
Matthew Grant, Simon Fraser University
Paul Holden, Burnaby Board of Trade
Tessa Vanderkop, Burnaby Board of Trade

Committee Update – January 2016

The SDC has completed its review of the 2015 SDC survey, which had a strong and diverse response of small, medium, and large business representatives (primarily managers and business owners). The two issues of greatest importance, which will become the SDC new top priorities, are immigrant integration and family-friendly workplaces.

The new top priorities will be incorporated into the language of the SDC Plan drafted by Leza Muir. This document will be used to guide the direction of the committee over the coming year(s).

The Early Childhood Development (ECD) Table has been exploring other regional chambers’ involvement in family-friendly initiatives and Family Day activities. This data will be used to inform/enhance future initiatives.