Access Committee

The Access Committee of the Burnaby Board of Trade oversees the development and operation of the Access Student Career Development program. Members provide strategic advice in the development of the program’s various components and events, serve as ambassadors of Access in the community, and participate in the Connectors program.

Bala Naidoo, Investors Group Financial
Shaun Ghavami, RBC
Sam Thiara, Simon Fraser University
Hilary Antonson, Electronic Arts Canada
Morna Fraser, Douglas College
Tara Mollet, BCIT Student Association
Renee Chau, Telus
Sasha Ramnarine, Remedios & Company
Paul Holden, Burnaby Board of Trade
Tessa Vanderkop, Burnaby Board of Trade
Cory Redekop, Burnaby Board of Trade
Ann Goncalves, Burnaby Board of Trade

Committee Update – January 2016

The 2015/16 session of the Access Program has reached the halfway point and participants continue to work towards accumulating points for graduation through event and workshop attendance, mentor meetings, and committee participation.

Staff recently met with the committee Chairs (Access alumni) for the second time to ensure progress is being made in each of their mandates.

Staff has begun formalizing plans for the next recruitment process to begin in February. This will include meetings with key contacts, updated communications to be sent throughout each participating school through a variety of channels, and well as scheduling of presentation opportunities.