Access Government Funding and Rebates with BBOT member Catax

The SR&ED program is the largest federal funding program to support businesses in their research, innovation, and product development efforts — but many businesses never think they can qualify for the support.

Businesses of all kinds can access the SR&ED program, even if you don’t think you would qualify!

SR&ED incentives are not just for people who wear lab coats anymore.  Activities that qualify as tax incentivized research and development are being carried out in almost every industry, including manufacturing, construction, architecture, engineering, research & development, transportation, agriculture, food and beverage, hospitality, IT, HR, and many others are often eligible for thousands of dollars of tax incentives that they don’t even know they qualify for.

BBOT member Catax are experts in the areas of tax incentives, specifically the SR&ED program.  With over 10 years’ experience, Catax has identified over $453m in tax benefit for our clients to date, with the average client benefit being nearly $100k.

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